The Long Ranger Warranty

Out Of Town 4WD Pty Ltd (OOT4WD) warrants Long Ranger fuel and water tanks to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of Three Years from the date of purchase.  OOT4WD will repair or replace at its option any defective Long Ranger tank or component returned to OOT4WD, subject to the following conditions.


  1. Nothing contained in this warranty document shall exclude, restrict or modify those conditions or warranties implied by State and Federal legislation (including the Trade Practices Act) which cannot by law be excluded, restricted or modified.
  2. OOT4WD makes no warranties, express or implied, other than those detailed in this document. The repair or replacement of the Long Ranger tank or component shall form the full extent of OOT4WD’s warranty liability.  OOT4WD will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, or costs incurred or suffered by the purchaser or any other person.  OOT4WD will not be liable for any damage to other property or vehicle components, loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill arising from any defect or failure.

Warranty Registration

  1. A customised Warranty Registration Card is supplied to be filled out by the purchaser (vehicle owner) and returned by mail Reply Paid for the warranty to be registered. In the event of a claim being made, a correctly completed and registered Warranty Registration Card will greatly assist in identifying your product and processing your claim promptly.
  2. The warranty registration procedure is designed to help solve any problem quickly and efficiently. Please help us to avoid delays by completing and returning your Warranty Registration Card within seven days of installation.
  3. No warranty claims can be processed without the correct serial number, nor without first contacting OOT4WD.
  4. Suggestion – Record information from your Warranty Registration Card (including tank part number and serial number) in your vehicle Warranty Book, before returning the card to OOT4WD. The serial number is located near the drain plug.


  1. Warranty is limited to products supplied by OOT4WD. No warranty is expressed or implied for other vehicle components, such as original equipment or aftermarket fuel filters, pumps, hoses, pipes and connectors, mounting points and brackets, exhaust system components, and fuel filler components.
  2. This warranty does not apply to tanks that have been modified or improperly installed (including interference between tank and other vehicle components), nor to tanks which have been fitted to makes or models of vehicle other than those specifically nominated in application information and installation instructions supplied with the tanks.
  3. This warranty is limited to vehicles operating under normal conditions. Vehicles participating in, or having been extensively modified for, races, competitions or extreme operations are excluded from warranty.

Installation and Maintenance

  1. Installation instructions are to be strictly adhered to, including checking and cleaning out of tanks prior to fitment.
  2. Fuel filters are to be serviced or replaced at manufacturer’s recommended intervals, unless a more frequent interval is advised in the Long Ranger fitting instructions.
  3. Tank mounting bolts, nuts and brackets are to be inspected and tightened as required at maximum 10,000km intervals.
  4. Drain plugs are to be removed and any water or condensation removed at maximum 10,000km intervals.

Warranty Procedure

Should a problem arise or be suspected please follow the following procedure:

  1. Contact OOT4WD Sales Department as soon as possible. You will be directed to the appropriate OOT4WD staff member for advice or instructions as to the quickest and most suitable way to solve the problem.  Please have details of vehicle, tank part number and serial number ready to assist in correctly identifying the product.
  2. Should repair or replacement be approved by OOT4WD the tank or component(s) must be returned to OOT4WD freight pre-paid. Please ensure that the product is in suitable protective packaging and purged of all trace of fuel and fumes.
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