122L Fuel 55L Water – Replacement Combination Fuel And Water Tank

Diesel Only

  • Comprehensive Fitting Kit and Instructions

  • Fully Baffled For Better Fuel Usage And Stronger Tank Design

  • Pre-Drilled Holes In Mounting Brackets For Fast & Easy Installation

  • Convenient gravity fed water tap behind mudflap

  • Comes standard with a second outlet if required for a water pump connection

  • Part Number: TR62

  • Model Fitment: All 100-Series IFS Models

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

  • LongRanger Capacity: 55L Water and 122 Litres Fuel (217L total capacity when combined with the OEM 95lt front main tank)

  • Fitting Location: Replaces OEM Rear 46lt Sub Tank Behind The Axle

  • Exhaust Modifications: None

  • Other Modifications: Spare Wheel Must Be Relocated. Tank Fits With Hayman Reese, Kaymar, TJM & O/E Towbars. Does Not Fit With Towbars Mounted To Spare Wheel Cross Member. Water Tank Fills Under Bonnet And Has Tap Behind Rear Left Mud Flap, Additional Outlet Can Be Fitted For Shower Unit etc. Heavy Duty Suspension Recommended.

  • Fitting Time: 5 1/2 Hours Fitting Time info

  • Shipping Weight: 68 KG

  • Shipping Dimensions: 1130 mm x 480 mm x 880 mm

These Combo water and fuel tanks are built from a separate stainless steel water tank and an aluminised fuel tank that are design to interlock together then bonded with urethane glue to form the one tank that has the same basic overall appearance and dimensions as our standard 100 series fuel tank.

How will the fuel transfer work

We do not alter the OEM system, the vehicle will continue to work as it did before fitting a Long Ranger but with a much larger capacity in the rear sub tank.

The OEM system:
For diesel models there are solenoid valves that control the fuel flow from each tank to directly to the engine depending on the switch position selected by the driver.

For petrol models (gas) both tanks have an EFI pump in the tank with a valve between them to control the fuel flow from each tank to directly to the engine depending on the switch position selected by the driver.

A longer replacement float arm is supplied in the 180lt kits to help give a more accurate fuel reading in the larger tank, Note: as this new tank is approximately more than 3 times larger than the OEM tank when the fuel gauge is nearing empty there is approximately 3 times more fuel than with the smaller OEM tank.

100 Series OEM Single tank models are not compatible with a Long Ranger as we supply a replacement tank,not an auxiliary tank with all the extra parts required such as filler and fuel transfer pump etc.

Will this tank fit in the 105 series live axle front suspension model?

No, the 105 series live axle and 100 series independent front end models have different chassis and exhaust components requiring a different design tank with different mounts.


Does the tank have anti-surge dam and baffles

Yes, to maximise fuel usage from the new larger tank we have baffles and a built in chamber around the fuel pickup unit to help avoid pickup cavitation sucking in air, these features can be especially useful when accidentally running low on fuel or driving on sloping terrain.
With larger tanks having bigger surface areas baffles also help add strength for those odd knocks and dents you can’t avoid.

Does The Long Ranger have a drain plug

Yes, although some OEM and aftermarket tanks don’t come fitted with a drain plug we believe this is a must have feature when traveling the outback as you never know if you have to drain the tank in the advent of picking up a bad load of fuel.

Towbar not compatible

Land cruiser’s which have a tow bar mounted to the spare wheel cross member are not compatible with an aftermarket long range tank as this cross member needs to be completely removed to fit a bigger tank.

Fuel gauge staying on full

The new tank is approximately 2 times bigger than the original, and the shape is a little unusual with the water tank included. With such a design the sender unit location is limited and is unable to register the top portion of fuel. With this in mind we recommend to set your trip meter to help become familiar with the new readings and measure the distance you travel till the gauge starts to move, this will be consistent and will only vary with different fuel economy because of driving conditions E.G.: low range 4WD all day vs. highway roads The diagram below will give a good graphical representation of how this unique design all works

100 Series Fuel Tank CAD DrawingTR61 Toyota 100 Series Long Ranger Fuel Tank – CAD Drawing

Why is there separate listings for diesel and petrol models

Although most aftermarket manufacturers only build one tank to suit both models for a longrange tank to be legal in Australia and most other countries around the world all road registered petrol engine vehicles need to be fitted with an additional carbon canister to ensure their anti pollution systems continue to comply with the regulations for vehicle registration, from 2015 The LongRanger is the only legal tank in Australia with our kits  supplied standard with a carbon canister.


I have a plastic taste in the water

Our tanks are made from stainless steel and we use food grade pvc hose so there should not be any issues.
If you regularly fill from a garden hose it is a good idea to let it run for a while before filling the tank as the water lying in the hose can be tainted and transferred to the water tank every time you fill up!

How do I fill the water tank

Most of our water tanks come with an under bonnet filler so we do not drill any holes in your new car.
Although we don’t recommend doing it at full town water pressure a good tip that can also be set up, with the correct fittings on our tap you can use your standard hose to back fill the water tank, you know its full when it comes gushing out the breather 😉

Water leaks after filling up

Most of our water tanks have an under bonnet fill, and a breather to allow the water to come out when you turn the tap on.  We do try to have the breather up as high as possible during the installation but sometimes when you fill up the water level can be higher than the top of the tank and breather, so it is not unusual to have a small amount of water come out the breather in these situation or when the tank if full and you go up or down a very steep hill.
As the breather is in the very top of the tank the amount that can come out would only usually be what is in the filler hose.

Can I fit a water pump

Yes, although our combo tanks are designed to have the water sit up high under the floor pan and come with a gravity fed tap in the kit, the tank is made with a second outlet, should you wish to add a shower unit or a water pump in the future simply take the bung out and screw in the appropriate 1/4 bsp fitting.

Can water leak and contaminate the fuel

No, despite the tank looking to be one single unit, the fuel tank is made from aluminised steel and is separate from the stainless steel water tank, these are designed to be interlocking and glued together with polyurethane glue between the two different tank surfaces.


Where are the tanks made

While there is a popular belief that all the big brands are made in a country with a cheap manufacturing base in the same factory with a different badge at The Long Ranger we still design and manufacture our tanks in Australia were it all started way back in the late 70’s.  We are a family run company based in Newcastle employing local people and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Is the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) affected

No, adding a tank is the same as any other accessory and is utilising the vehicles payload capacity IE: anything added to the vehicle from the manufactures specification is using the payload capacity, whether it be driving lights, a set of rubber mats, a LongRanger fuel tank or the kids. As with most vehicles from a manufacturer the standard springs are not designed to cope with a constant full load on an extended trip, we recommend fitting a set of heavier rated springs such as those from Old Man Emu that have been designed to carry the extra weight of a fully loaded vehicle set up for camping.

Do the tanks come complete ready to fit

Yes they do, you may have heard on the grape vine that some aftermarket tank suppliers ship their products with poor fitting instructions and incomplete kits that make a trip to the local auto store a necessity to finish the job. At the LongRanger we supply comprehensive installation instructions with lots of photos to ensure the job is done as efficiently as possible and a complete installation kit ready to install so your local fitter can be rest assured there will be no expensive delays sourcing bits and pieces to finish the job!

Is the LongRanger design compatible with other accessories

There is nothing worse than buying an accessory to find it’s not compatible with something else you have fitted, we might not be first to market, but that’s because we try our best to design our long range tanks to be suitable with all models in the range and most other popular accessories you might want to install either now or in the future. Although we have designed our tanks with maximum compatibility in mind, if you have something specially fitted to your vehicle that is of concern we have provided a good selection of pictures in the gallery showing the installation to give a clear idea where The LongRanger fits under the vehicle.

Where can I purchase a LongRanger fuel tank

If you can’t make it to the Newcastle factory at 65 Northville Drive Barnsley NSW, all our products are distributed by ARB 4×4 accessories. For sales and support around Australia you can find a list of all the ARB stores Here

How long is the warranty period

All LongRanger manufactured products are covered by a 3-year warranty.
Note: There are some third party components not made by The LongRanger such as fuel pumps, sender units and switches etc found in some kits that come with their own 12 month manufacturers warranty.

What are the tanks made from

All LongRanger fuel tanks are made from Aluminised steel. This product is manufactured by the steel mill using 2mm (14gauge) cold rolled steel with a thin aluminium coating applied during the manufacturing process. Aluminised steel offers excellent weight vs. strength and durability when compared to lighter aluminium that just doesn’t have the raw strength to stand up to the hard knocks the underneath of a vehicle can suffer or the heavier Stainless steel that is more prone to fatigue cracks caused by embrittlement in the heat affected zone from the welding process.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. This is a free program available from the Adobe web site. Follow the download directions on the Adobe web site to get your copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader

pdfTR62 Promotional Brochure 


Have you got a unique setup?

Below is a list of standard accessories we have checked for compatibility with our tanks and strive to ensure compatibility with.
Alternatively if you have something a little different please check our pictures and advise the sales staff to allow extra time for fitting if you think you have something that might cause a problem on the day or if you are planning an extensive list of modifications to your truck use our pictures to make sure our tank will fit in with your plans for the best chance to get it setup the way you want.
As our fuel and water tanks are designed to make use of space under your vehicle anything else fitted could cause and issue on the day of fitting, things such as trundle draws, air tanks, tipper trays, water tanks, custom trays with low floors, batteries, extra tyre, structural chassis changes etc can all cause an unexpected issue, delays or even non fitting in a worst case scenario.


While our tanks have been primarily designed to fit Australian models prior to early 2000, Since then car manufacturers have been getting smarter and making their cars on global platforms so they generally fit vehicles of the same model in other countries.
Your local ARB dealer may be able to assist with any fitment questions as they may have some prior experience with your particular model.
Another good resource is to check our photo gallery for an idea of the shape and location of our tank.  Some common areas to look for possible issues with models in other countries would be: is the filler on the same side, do the chassis look the same around the tank location, If choosing a replacement tank, is the genuine tank the same capacity as with the genuine Australian spec model, Does the exhaust run in the same place, Do you have different genuine or non-genuine accessories fitted that may not be available in Australia for us to verify that may be affected with a new fuel tank.


ledaLeading Edge Deflection Angle. Incorporating a leading edge deflection angle on the front lower section of the fuel tank allows road debris to be easily deflected. This means the tank is marginally smaller in capacity, but in those tricky situations going over mounds of dirt and rocks you are less likely to get hung up than on a tank which hangs to low with a square leading edge.


max-foldMax Fold. Using this feature we maximise the sheet by making the base of the fuel tank from one side to the other in one continuous piece of metal. This ensures the minimum amount of heat and possible stress from welded joins.


hptHydrostatic Pressure Test. At The LongRanger factory each & every fuel & water tank undergoes a pressure test while being placed under water at a maximum of 5 psi.


shapeShape. Good design practices are what make a fuel tank both usable and functional. Some manufactures build cheap large sheet metal boxes and bolt them under a vehicle and call it a fuel tank. At the LongRanger we take the design a little more serious. Attention to detail and decades of experience building tanks has taught us what it takes to make a great product.


pbsParallel Break Strengthening. Just like CBS this feature aids in the stiffening of large flat panels and reduces the risk of a fuel or water tank suffering from fatigue related stress cracks when travelling on extreme corrugations. We usually incorporate these on the very bottom of a tank.


bafflesBaffles. help add strength to the bottom of a tank, this is especially important for a 4WD when bottoming the tank out on obstacles with the pickup unit sitting on the bottom which could be damaged, if the new tank design is lower than the OEM tank this is even more important with the tank being more vulnerable to accidental obstacle contact. A well designed longrange tank should incorporate baffles for improved offroad performance as baffles also help retain the fuel around the pickup unit. With longrange tanks generally being longer or wider than the OEM tank when low on fuel it can “run away” from the pickup when driving in undulating terrain and possibly cause the engine to starve for fuel leaving you in an unpredictable situation and potentially unsafe location.

3 Year Warranty


Tanks will be free from any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for a period of Three Years from the date of purchase.

Manufactured By


It was during the late 70’s that Fred Black, owner of Out of Town 4WD, recognised a need for 4WD travellers to have a greater fuel capacity to travel the vast distances often necessary in Australia.

Distributed By


Today, ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories. With an office in the USA and an export network that extends through more than 100 countries around the globe.

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