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    Check you have the correct model Long Ranger tank for your vehicle. Most people think a fuel tank is a multifit product, but there are many aspects which determine our design and model fitment. Like the following Petrol/Diesel, Auto/Manual, Dual Cab/ Single Cab can all impact on the selection process. When ordering your new Long Ranger Fuel Tank provide the sales staff with all the relevant details of your vehicle to avoid any inconvenience when fitting.
    Has the vehicle been fitted with a non standard muffler or exhaust system which is preventing The Long Ranger Fuel Tank from fitting as it was designed.
    Occasionally during the fitting process a clamp or fitting can be missed on the top of the tank. Check the installation for correct fitment.
    Sometimes people fit things to the floor of the vehicle using long bolts or tek-screws which may result in the tank ending up with a hole worn through, also taking rear seats out and putting the bolts back into the hole will result in a longer bolt protruding through. Depending on the location this can cause a problem with the installation of the tank.
    Generally we set the gauge up so it is accurate when it nears empty. In most cases the gauge will stay on FULL for a longer period than the standard tank. Due to limited space available we can not extend float arms without fouling on internal baffling.
    During the fitting of a new tank it is important for the fast fill breather to have a gradual rise from the tank to the filler. If this is not done an air lock can form where fuel will accumulate stopping the air from escaping as you fill the tank, see our Diagram

    Slow Fuel Transfer Problems

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